Bernie Distler, Founder of Fiber for Dogs with Benji

Charlie, Chief Dog, Fiber for Dogs

About Fiber for Dogs
Charlie's Story

In 1986, I began adopting Collies, and throughout the years I added loving and loyal four-legged companions to my family.

Years ago now, I adopted Benji (the beautiful white factor Collie featured in the Bern Dog brand logo). While all of my Collies have had sensitive stomachs, Benji was particularly affected by loose stools.

I tried many types of remedies including brown rice, prescription dog food and even prescription medication. Each time I tried something new the treatment was either not completely effective or had negative side effects.

Then in 2013, Benji was introduced to a new veterinarian who suggested that I try a very popular over-the-counter fiber product made for people. I purchased a bottle from the store and after reading the ingredients I noticed the actual fiber ingredient was psyllium. But unfortunately along with the psyllium, there were artificial colors and flavors that I didn’t think would be good for Benji.

Knowing what type of fiber product was best, I looked for a psyllium product made just for dogs and couldn’t find anything like it on the market. I set out to make a natural fiber product formulated specifically for dogs. And that’s when Bern Dog Brand Fiber for Dogs was born.

Fiber for Dogs is made from pure, natural psyllium husk powder and beet root powder, another wonderful digestive aid, with no artificial ingredients, flavors, colorings or preservatives.

It is our hope that Fiber for Dogs will help your dog as much as it's helped our Benji.

~ Bernie Distler, founder, Fiber for Dogs 

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