Fiber for Dogs

Keeps ’em regular!

Throughout your dog’s life, there may come a time when they aren’t regular.

You know…all those things we don’t want to talk about…diarrhea, constipation, and the dreaded anal gland issues.

When these conditions arise you’re often taken off guard. So what’s a dog lover to do?

Keep Fiber for Dogs on hand for whenever your dog needs relief!

Fiber for Dogs encourages natural elimination and healthy digestion in an easy to use, convenient, portable, safe and natural powder free of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and colors and made exclusively in the USA.

It’s always ready…
It’s always convenient…
It’s always vet recommended…
It’s always natural, made in the US, and free from chemicals…

And, it’s easy to use and works great! Open the jar, measure out the correct amount of powder, add to your dog’s food, and let Fiber for Dogs work its magic.

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6 oz. – $20.95    12 oz. – $30.95

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Fiber for Dogs
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